Join us at the LabVIEW Developer Days in Katowice! This full-day, free seminar day by National Instruments is a great place to learn for every LabVIEW programmer. This year the event will be divided into two tracks, both packed with technical presentations. It is also a place for networking and discussions with other developers and industry experts. Sparkflow will be there too, on the 20th July in Vienna House Easy Angelo hotel in Katowice. The event is free, but you need to register here: LabVIEW Developer Days

We are presenting Key Considerations for Multithreaded Architectures (at 1:45 p.m., Become a CLD – Fast track). Multithreaded architecture has many benefits – from adjusting user interface performance, to improving data processing efficiency. Creating parallel code in LabVIEW is easy enough to encourage such solutions. Let’s find out key considerations to maximize multithreading benefits, without sacrificing design and code simplicity.

Events agenda also covers news from LabVIEW environment. The 2018 version has just been released during NI Week in Austin, so during Developer Days we’ll have a chance to have a fresh look at it. Other presentations will include both National Instruments engineers as well as other NI partner companies.