Case Studies

  • star

    Embedded BMS on sbRIO

    • Headless 24/7 operation
    • Status and control server for communication with smartphone applications
    • Multi-threaded architecture deployed on real-time operating system
    • FPGA level programming, drivers development for multiple BMS interfaces
    • From idea to solution within 6 months
  • star

    Electric Engine Testbench

    • Flexible profile editor for both positioning and load drives
    • Easy to use PC-based GUI with profile management
    • Multiple measurement channels, different measurement types – from current and voltage to sound and vibration
    • Reports generated both on-station or with separate application, ability to edit analysis profile and generate batch reports
    • Long-term project with ongoing software updates to meet new tests requirements
  • star

    HIL to improve prototype car energy effectiveness

    • Playback of recorded track profile in lab
    • Synchronized motion control (motor and brake) and datalogging
    • 8x independent threads on Real-Time OS
    • GUI on Windows
    • From idea to solution within 12 weeks
  • star

    In-car datalogger for prototype pure EV

    • Small form factor, vibration, shock and temperature resistant
    • 16x waveform AI (BLDC motor voltage and current) synchronized with CAN, encoders and accelerometers
    • HSSD storage
    • In field wireless telemetry with GUI for engineer
    • Real-Time OS and FPGA programming – streaming
    • From idea to solution within 4 months
  • star

    Test station software for production line

    • 100% production test, few seconds of cycle time, need for fully deterministic application
    • Communication with production line PLCs, robots and test instrumentation
    • Very fast development time – from first contact to deployment in 3 weeks