Battery Pack Testing

Battery modules are used in a wide range of applications from smaller packs used in portable devices to larger ones used in electric cars, buses or as energy storage.

Battery systems are increasingly complex and consist of cells and a BMS management system that monitors battery performance and controls the battery charging process. Sparkflow has provided battery and BMS testers for both R&D and production testers. We have built stations for both the pre-test of the cells themselves and the end-of-life (EOL) test of the entire finished battery pack. The main of the parameters measured during testing are:

  • Voltage on individual cells
  • Internal resistance by DC or AC method
  • Current-voltage efficiency
  • Load on the pack according to the test curve
  • Temperature of the cells
  • Hi-Pot and insulation resistance tests

In addition, during the test we communicate with the BMS through one of the protocols used – SMBus, I2C, CAN or another dedicated one. It is also possible to communicate wirelessly with the pack itself. For batteries with higher capacity and operating at higher powers, it is possible to create a tester with the functionality of returning energy to the grid, energy transfer or using energy storage. We can propose and integrate a safety system based on monitoring the parameters of batteries and cells to protect them from overloading and, consequently, fire. Our software allows you to run and edit the test sequence and carry out the test for several DUTs simultaneously using shared test resources.See our sequencer software

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