Electrical Power Steering Testing

As an extension of our electric motor testing competencies (link to eMobility - motor testing), we can offer Electric Power Steering (EPS) testing stations for both the classic system with a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the mangle or the new generation of drive-by-wire or steer-by-wire systems, where there is no physical connection between the steering wheel and the mangle.

We have built steering test stations with the following configurations:

  • Top drive (simulation of the driver) – belt transmission with servomotor
  • Lower drive (simulation of the mangle and resistance coming from the wheels) – belt transmission with servomotor
  • Static tests (maximum torque on the axle with the other axle stopped)
  • Tests with dynamic assistance according to the test profile
  • Mesh tests with the power steering off
  • Resistance and internal friction tests of the system
  • NVH measurements
  • Communication and programming via CAN and FlexRay interfaces

We have experience in building test stations working in production conditions (automatic fictures) as well as verification and validation stations. We have realized mechanical test stations for electric steering position control mechanisms. We have integrated climate chambers with our test solutions.See our sequencer software

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