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At the stage of manufacturing electronic devices, there comes the stage of assembling a PCB board manned and soldered with electronic components. At this stage, electronics are pre-started, programmed and tested. Typically, a functional test takes place to catch possible defects.

PCB package testers are equipped with ficstures, which are the link between the measuring equipment and the PCB package under test. Fictures are equipped with dedicated serial production connectors or needles, allowing to connect the signal. Fictures can be manual (opened and closed by an operator), semi-automatic or fully automatic (then the ficture is opened by an actuator, in addition, the handling of the product can be automated). For the construction of PCB electronics testers we use equipment from National Instruments, Keysight, Rohde and Schwarz, Dewetron, EA Elektro-Automatik and many others….

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We design test stations along with test fissures in Solidworks environment and prepare electrical design in SEE Electrical software. Depending on the production volume, we can design a manual, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic fisstructure based on Ingun components.

We have developed our own architecture for a universal sequencer for PCB electronics testing based on the NI LabVIEW environment. The software allows you to configure test limits, manage test runs, display results, report and save results to a database. An important feature is our proprietary Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), which allows the use of hardware from any vendor and its simple replacement. It also allows us to simulate the operation of a PCB test station without access to the DUT. Our architecture allows us to build a parallel test application – at one time we run a test sequence for each DUT that shares hardware resources.

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