Case Studies
EOL production tester of the actuator in the gearbox


EOL production tester of the actuator in the gearbox

Technologies used:

NI LabVIEW, NI PXI, NI CAN, servo drives

Type of application:

P-mode actuator production tester for an automatic transmission

The challenge:

To create a tester to measure the performance characteristics of a DUT. Parameters such as path, angle, position, torque and DUT supply current were measured. It was important to synchronize mechanical measurements with electrical measurements and communication over the CAN bus. In addition to issuing an OK/NOK verdict, the tester additionally recalculated calibration parameters and teach-in offsets which were sent via CAN to the piece under test. Programming over CAN, reading and writing to the EEPROM also took place. The tester communicated with the PLC operating the production line. All results and parameters were stored in a database. A dedicated user interface was created for the operator and administrator.

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