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A key aspect when designing a product is to test it correctly in different environmental conditions.

Products are often tested in climate chambers at different temperatures and humidity levels. Loads are asked and operating conditions are simulated close to the target operating conditions.

Tests often last up to thousands of hours. This makes it possible to determine the life of the product and optimize the design for reliability.

Sparkflow has provided validation testers in a wide variety of industry projects. We have designed and built validation testers equipped with climate chambers, pneumatic actuators and power hydraulics. We have designed ficstures for specific products. We have built modular test stations allowing simultaneous testing of several pieces of a product. We specialize in the overall implementation of a project starting from the creation of the concept through the design of the mechanics and electrics, construction of the station and its commissioning with software in LabVIEW or Python environment. We also use Vector tools such as CANoe as a master application for test execution – we generate individual parameter values during the test which are applied to the product under test.

Our technology partnerships

We have developed our own universal sequencer architecture for validation testing based on the NI LabVIEW environment.

The software allows you to configure test limits, manage the test run, display the results, report and save the results in a database.Our architecture allows you to build an application with parallel testing – at one time we run a test sequence for each DUT that shares hardware resources. What is important within the framework of our software it is possible to fully synchronize electrical measurements with measurements of physical quantities such as force, torque, distance, angle etc.

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