Testing software (sequencer)

We have developed our own architecture of universal modular sequencer based on NI LabVIEW environment

More than 60 completed projects have allowed us to create and develop versatile test software. The ease of use and versatility allows the sequencer to be easily used in EOL production testing, validation and verification testing in R&D departments.Main features:

  • Ability to add, delete and edit individual test steps
  • Creation and editing of test sequences for a given DUT reference
  • Reporting to a file (XLS, CSV, PDF) or based on a local or remote database
  • Viewing of historical test reports filtering by results
  • Ability to perform statistical analysis of selected results
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer – test steps are not assigned to a specific model/vendor of a measurement device
  • Visualization of test progress
  • Multi-threaded test capability – we can have multiple DUTs in one batch, share hardware resources
  • Cycle time optimization – reporting is separated from the sequence run and does not introduce additional delays
  • Access from operator/administrator level

An important feature is our proprietary Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), which allows us to use hardware from any vendor and replace it easily. It also allows you to simulate the operation of an EOL test station without access to a DUT. Our architecture allows you to build an application with parallel testing – at one time we run a test sequence for each DUT that shares hardware resources. What is important within the framework of our software it is possible to fully synchronize electrical measurements with measurements of physical quantities such as force, torque, path, angle etc. Where is our sequencer software used?

  • EOL production tests
  • PCBA electronics tests
  • Product validation
  • R&D departments and testing during the product development phase

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