eMobility – motor testing

Testing electric motors is crucial in the design and construction process of an electric or hybrid car. Electric motors are not only used for propulsion but are also used in mechatronic systems, e.g. seat pump, parking brake, air vent control, power steering.

During the test of an electric motor (DC or AC), a number of parameters are checked, such as:mechanical parameters:

  • Cogging torque
  • Friction
  • Damping friction
  • Torque constant
  • Torque ripple
  • Torque stall and current at nominal power
  • Torque drag
  • Max RPM
  • Mechanical unbalance (weight)
  • NVH
  • … and more

Electrical parameters:

  • Power (voltage and current)
  • Resistance line-to-line
  • Resistance Unbalance
  • Inductance line-to-line
  • Back EMF
  • Isolation
  • … and more

We design dedicated electric motor test stations for use in production or validation/verification laboratories. We create stations capable of testing more than one motor simultaneously. Fixtures dedicated to a specific motor model can allow manual or automatic installation of the motor under test in the tester. Dedicated software allows you to edit the test sequence, edit limits for individual tests, create graphs and advanced reporting and recording of test results.See our sequencer software

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