PCBA electronics testing: Key steps in quality assurance



In today’s dynamic world of electronics, Printed Circuit Board Assembled (PCBA) electronics boards play a key role in the operation of almost every device. However, in order to guarantee their reliability, it is essential to perform precise testing at the production stage. In this article, we’ll take a look at why PCB testing is indispensable and what steps are taken to ensure their quality.

Testing asan Element of the Manufacturing Process:

PCBA testing at the manufacturing stage is not just an additional step, but a key element to ensure that the final product meets all quality requirements. Reliability and efficiency of electronic devices are directly related to the quality of the process therefore manufacturers need to apply advanced testing technologies.

ICT and FCT Testing:

Electrical In-Circuit-Testing (ICT) is a fundamental step in ensuring correct operation. They include checking connections and inspecting components. However, for full assurance that a PCBA is ready for use, functional testing (FCT) is also necessary to assess whether the board is performing to its full potential.

Vision Testing:

Despite advanced automated testing, visual evaluation of PCBAs (AOI) remains important. A human can spot subtle defects, such as improper soldering, track damage or misplaced components. Visual testing therefore complements automated technologies, taking care of aesthetics and manufacturing accuracy.

Automating Tests in Production:

Today’s production lines use advanced automation systems to perform tests. Automation not only allows for rapid EOL testing, but also eliminates human error, which is crucial in mass production. Effective use of automation speeds up the production process and improves the quality of final products.


PCB testing in production is not just an inspection procedure, but a key part of producing high-quality electronics. Precision electrical ICT, functional FCT, and vision AOI tests allow manufacturers to ensure that PCBA electronics boards meet reliability and performance expectations. By automating processes, production becomes more efficient and final products more reliable. At Sparkflow, we build dedicated functional testers for PCBA electronics packages. We design and deliver both manual and automatic ficstures. We have dedicated sequencer built based on NI LabVIEW and/or NI TestStand environment.

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